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These terms of use and associated parties form the full agreement between you and CSS regarding the purpose of this Agreement and replace all prior or simultaneous writings, negotiations and discussions on this matter. The undersigned accepts the terms of this agreement on behalf of his organization or company. In the absence of a written agreement to this effect, the disclosure of ideas to CSS for new products, extensions, features, innovations or inventions or any idea that may be related to the activity of CSS is subject to the following conditions: this agreement constitutes the complete agreement between the parties and replaces all prior agreements and assurances between them. If, for any reason, a provision of this agreement is deemed unenforceable, this provision will be reformed only to the extent necessary to make it applicable, and the other conditions of that agreement will remain fully in force and effective. The absence of CSS action with respect to the violation of this agreement does not constitute a waiver and does not limit CSS`s rights. Changes to the client`s entry or direction or excessive changes are calculated in – for – all work that the client wishes to do by the advisor that is not indicated in the DESCRIPTION section of this contract or in the attached proposal are considered an additional service. This work requires agreement and payment separate from those covered in this agreement, in accordance with the agreement and beyond. The Che Sara Sara Foundation and/or one of its advisors may modify this agreement at any time with a message on the site, and the continued use of this website constitutes the acceptance of such changes by users. Dear support, I can not find the license agreement on your website. Can you send me the URL of the license agreement or give me the URL? This ACCORD is dated and applies from this contract for the reorganization of the website (company name), referred to as „work.“ Consultant is a reputable professional web designer.

The client wants the consultant to create more completely some of the work specified here. and the advisor wants to create that work. Now, given the above premises and the reciprocal alliances and other value considerations outlined below, the parties agree that, in visiting this site, you agree that the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania regulate the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, regardless of the principles of the law conflict law of this agreement and any form of litigation that might arise between you and CSS. Any action taken to enforce this agreement or any issue relating to this website must be brought to the state or federal courts of Pennsylvania and you accept that jurisdiction and jurisdiction. Any claim or means of action in connection with the use of this website must be initiated within one (1) year after the date of the appearance of the claim. In addition, the CSS agreement consists of both the CSS licensing agreement and an agreement on the specifications of CSS technology. The content of this website is made available „as we shall see“ without conditions, guarantees or other conditions of any kind. Accordingly, the Che Sara Foundation makes this site available to you to the extent as possible by law, on the basis of which the Che Sara Sara Foundation excludes any guarantee, any guarantee, conditions and other explicit or implied conditions that could however be effective for this legal reference to this site.

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