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If you have a non-compete agreement (also known as a non-competition clause) with your employer, it is important that you understand the information that can be used to legally destroy the agreement. Here are some factors that Connecticut courts use to analyze non-compete rules. In 2013, Bridgewater claimed that it had authorized Wang`s request to change its non-compete clause with the hedge fund so that he could start a small business to manage the savings of his friends and family and subsidize his corporate dance, but the hedge fund says it was led to believe that Wang would not emulate the executive of the largest of Bridgewater`s AllWetterfonds Fund. The work is bad, boring and obsolete. At least for the first 3-4 years, the projects are pretty bad. You will eventually lose your powers and forget everything you know. The longer you stay, the more out of the question you will be for the rest of the world. This is not really a problem, because if you stay longer, you will have to sign increasingly strict competition bans. They are so mysterious and paranoid about everything. As a result, young people are not in contact with the investment process. It also limits freedom and flexibility.

It`s sad to see that really smart people do everyday tasks with shit-down tools and technologies, waste time fighting bureaucracy and slow technology. The culture makes the place very verbal and argumentative. In other words, if you`re a Chinese PhD student with not very fluent English, you won`t be able to argue back to clarify your point of view, and you`ll be labeled as a bad communicator. The place is very white from top to bottom. This is very rare today for mathematical and technological places. (The purpose of this comment is to help you get away if you don`t like arguing. There is no discrimination or preferential treatment. All are treated equally.) Employee turnover is very high. They use culture as an excuse to justify turnover.

But most of the time, it comes from a simple interview process without really skills tests and only cultural tests. For other statistics, about twenty people were added on the same day as me, and we all followed the same training program. There are only two who are still working on it. You know this before you join. But the fight is real when you get fired. No one wants to hire ex-Bridgewater because they lack really useful skills and competition issues. You may encounter more logistical issues because you have moved to Connecticut, visa status, school changes for children, and opportunity costs. I know people who have turned down four or five job offers to come here and hate every day at work. If you`ve ever wondered what the downside is to making a lot of money from a hedge fund, look no further than non-compete deals. Imagine signing up for a job just to know that a condition for continuing to work is to say „no problem“ for the prospect of working for a competitor for two years after you decide to leave your current company.

Bridgewater says, however, that Wang and Wu began working on setting up their own hedge fund in mid-2012, registering Convoy`s web address and integrating the company in Delaware. After its non-compete clause expired, Wang Bridgewater announced that it would market a hedge fund to institutional investors and modify its investment strategy to focus on growth and inflation, which are the starting points of Bridgewater`s all-weather strategy. Minicone and Squire both worked for nearly five years starting in 2008 as investment partners at Bridgewater – Minicone, Squire for three years starting in 2010, as shown in their respective LinkedIn profiles. In the end, the parties entered into a „non-advisory transaction“ that led the NBR to withdraw its complaint just before a scheduled administrative hearing. Reports of the agreement indicate that the former employee did not receive any cash damages for his allegations of harassment and retaliation, but was exempted from his competition bans. . . .

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