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There is no definition of practical completion of the industry. So make sure that the rental agreement has its own definition. Definitions often include terms: If you need specialized legal advice in this area, our specialized prosperity management team will gladly advise you on disputes relating to development agreements, including leases. This last point is more usual, since the first seems to exclude the usual practice of the certificate of practical completion in the context of the construction contract with a list of snails with minor defects. When the conclusion of a legal agreement is triggered by practical completion, the parties must essentially be guided by their experts. Often, a rental agreement will be under fairly standardized conditions and stipulates that the signing of a practical certificate of completion by the developer`s expert will suffice. The certificate of practical completion (called „substantial completion“ for some forms of contracts) returns ownership of the land to the contracting authority, releases half of the reserve, terminates the contractor`s liability for lump sum damages and marks the beginning of the period of deficient liability. As a general rule, the period of liability for defects (sometimes called the improvement period) is six to twelve months during which the contracting authority can set up and the contractor must remedy the defects found. Where the contract provides for the completion of the phase of the works, separate dates for completion and separate rates for flat-rate damage should be fixed for each section. When defects are alleged and the buyer does not wish to conclude, the buyer needs expert proof that at the time of issuance of the certificate of practical completion, there are deficiencies that are more than minor and that effectively prevent the building from being practically complete. The conditions for concluding the contract refer to a specified period (a fixed date or period) within which a contract must be concluded.3 min read When the parties negotiate terms of the construction contract, they must be attentive to the definitions of the concept, since they correspond to the periods of completion.

Problems can arise if the terms remain undefined. In particular, where a contract includes a time limit based on working hours or working days, the contract must clearly define what exactly the working hours or working days cover. These definitions should include days without employment, such as leave and leave. Practical completion is usually the point where an „expert“ confirms the completion of a construction project, with the exception of minor defects that can be corrected without excessive user intervention. A lease will rely on this date and problems often arise when deadlines are not met or if the extent of acceptable „minor deficiencies“ is disputed. Some contracts and jurisdictions require written notification of these delays. Some courts do not allow the completion period to be extended if these notices of delay have not been issued. Other courts are more lenient and conclude that if a delay was caused by the owner or if the owner was aware of its existence, written notice is not a prerequisite. Leases usually have a long shutdown date and if completion has not occurred before the long shutdown date and practical completion has not occurred, the parties are free to withdraw from the contract unless the parties agree to an extension….

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