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Define Extension Regarding Collective Agreement

This could mean that they take turns in their parents` house or spread out the week: for example, from Sunday to Wednesday, the children are with their mother and the other days (or any combination of days) at their father`s house. Holidays and school holidays will also be taken into account. Many dishes now call this configuration „time-sharing“. The goal is to minimize the troubles in children`s lives, such as day care, school and extracurricular activities, while having enough time with each parent so that children can connect and feel safe. Shared custody not only benefits children by providing the same time with mom and dad, but it also significantly reduces (or totally denies) child support (or denies it altogether in some cases). Sole custody of children exclusively by one parent is rarer and is usually only granted if the other parent is deemed inappropriate due to an alcohol or drug problem, history of abuse or other disability. You should also consider how long the other parent waits before the visit breaks down if the parent receiving is late.. . .

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