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Typical work covered by Lot 4 of the framework includes: kitchen and bathroom improvements, facilities and all related work. Contractors applying for this lot may only perform kitchen, bathroom and related work. The programmes will be of a different size and budget and the framework has been divided into works , so that we have an adequate number of contractors ready to implement smaller and larger kitchen and bathroom programmes. Typical works covered by Lot 1 of the framework include: larger and smaller investment renovation programmes, cyclical improvement works, including additional programmes for decent homes, or new initiatives that are emerging. Lot 2 will help members provide a number of security services through installation, surveillance and reactive security services to prevent intrusion, unauthorized access, vandalism and theft of empty real estate. Lot 1 is divided into geographical subsections as follows: Sublot 1: East Midlands, Sublot 2: West Midlands, Sub-3: South West, Sub-4: London and South East, Sub-5: North, Sub-6: National. Up to six contractors are designated for each of the geographical lots covered by the security services of nullity of lot 2. Contractors must be able to provide services in at least three of the sub-regions (districts) under the geographical sub-level. All the services described above are mandatory elements covered by Lot 2 of the framework. Tenderers should not bid unless they are able to provide all the elements of the necessary work as part of the lot they are requesting. The Framework is obtained as an authorised user by Efficiency East Midlands Ltd (EEM) on behalf of its members and the other organisations described in Section VI.3. Call orders to be awarded under framework agreements to be concluded at the time of conclusion of the procurement may extend for a maximum period of two years beyond the four-year period. .

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