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21.2 Contracts that come into force before 1 October 1997For DSO contracts in force before 1 October 1997, the implementation of the 37-hour (36-hour london) regime may be phased in if it is agreed that implementation would result in a delay in payment on the nationally agreed date. Any phase-in is subject to local agreement and is only valid for up to two years from the date of national implementation or until the termination of the contract, with the earliest date being chosen. 13 For former APT-C employees, claims officially registered on 31 March 1997 are dealt with in accordance with paragraph 80 of the former APT-C agreement. The national agreement on the remuneration and conditions of local government services. Your browser does not allow the automatic addition of bookmarks. Press Ctrl/Command -D to manually add a bookmark. 22 Any changes to existing regulations should be made on the basis of a local agreement. 14 For workers of the old APT-C standards, the ins and tricks covered in paragraph 80 of the former APT-C agreement continue to apply, unless the right to deal with a national classification complaint applies from 1 April 1997. These provisions will continue until they are replaced by the agreed procedures on the ground, which are due to come into force on 31 December 1997. The NJC has published guidelines on national restrictions in England. 11 The classification structures for former and former APT-C employees remain in effect until they are replaced by local agreements, following a review of classification structures in accordance with Part 3, paragraph 1. Aid under this scheme, such as .B training assistance for technicians, special school allowance for the nursery and childcare allowance for social workers, are revalued according to national payslips.

3 The status of the provisions of Parts 2 and 3 is presented in the first part. The second part contains important national provisions, while the third part contains other national provisions that can be modified on the ground through negotiations between the Authority and trade unions. Part 1 sets out a procedure for dealing with local breaches of agreement on proposed amendments to a Part 3 provision. However, national negotiators are calling on local parties to openly monitor such local negotiations, which are not determined from the outset to veto or impose amendments, but to negotiate for an agreement. When implementing the provisions of the agreement, local parties should strive to minimize costs, while ensuring that service delivery standards are met. The NJC believes that it is in the interests of both local parties that full-time workers generally maintain the existing level of production by reducing normal working time. For part-time workers, the NJC believes that existing contract hours are maintained. Where possible, efforts are being made to compensate for the increase in hourly wages through more productive working methods.

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