North Bay Hydro Service Agreement

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Please note that, depending on North Bay Hydro`s terms of service, a security deposit may be required for you, the payer, North Bay Hydro and the financial institution who, in accordance with your instructions for periodic monthly payments and/or one-time payments, must start paying all taxes on your North Bay Hydro account from time to time. Regular monthly payments for the total amount of benefits provided are deducted from your account indicated each month on the due date of your bill. North Bay Hydro sends you an invoice each month indicating the date and amount of each normal charge. One of the reasons for the merger in the Ontario Energy Council (EPO) application: „The applicant (North Bay Hydro) argues that the HHRDC has been outside the interest rate structure for a long period of time and that rates need to be redefined in order to continue to invest in the operational and infrastructure needs of communities and to position themselves in a safer and more financially viable position.“ Does this appear to be one or another possibility of investing $8 million in the ongoing attempts of North Bay Hydro officials? Editor`s Note: Mr. Rennick`s letter is a reaction to this story from BayToday, Local Hydro-buyout of Espanola Hydro now completed The EPO application indicates that the ERHDC has not had a service rate application fee since 2012 and needs significant infrastructure improvements over the next 10 years, mainly for plant transformations. North Bay Hydro suggests that it has considerable experience in the construction of substations. Is the prospect of using our resources and funding more than 80% of infrastructure spending a benefit to the citizens of North Bay? The purchase price of $8 million ($12.5 million for a total cost over 25 years) was financed by borrowed money. His refund was guaranteed by the citizens of North Bay. It`s kind of a conundrum as to why Greater Sudbury Hydro, much larger and right next door, didn`t jump on this big occasion. The description of Mayor McDonald`s purchase as „a positive initiative that will benefit all municipalities in the years to come“ is just rhetoric. For North Bay customers, there is no benefit in this offer. It is an outright Empire Building, and it follows the heels of Mayor McDonald`s plan, which cost taxpayers millions and forced citizens to buy back the North Bay Hydro assets they bought and paid for years ago. It also follows the revision of Hydro`s shareholders` agreement to legitimize the increase in tax rates beyond what is necessary to provide electricity and requires taxpayers to pay income taxes.

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