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Finland and Afghanistan signed a joint declaration on voluntary return in October 2016. Finland is also negotiating readmission memorandums of understanding with Iraq and Somalia. The auditors today published an audit overview entitled „Migration Return Policy – Cooperation with Third Countries on Readmission.“ Audit overviews contain information about an ongoing audit task and are intended to provide information to those interested in the directive or the programs to be reviewed. The full preview of the audit is available in English on The report is expected to be published in the summer of 2021. „The best way to manage migration is an urgent problem for the EU and its member states,“ said Leo Brincat, MEP in charge of the audit. „As EU external auditors, we have recently carried out several audits of asylum and migrant redistribution regimes within the EU. We will now take a closer look at their return and readmission to third countries. As the EU becomes a global immigration priority, it is facing an increasing number of irregular immigrants, in addition to regular immigrants. In order to improve the management of its external borders, the EU is working to cooperate with the countries of origin and transit of migrants. Among the legal instruments available are the so-called readmission agreements, which facilitate the removal of irregular migrants from the parties` territory. This article considers the use of EU readmission agreements as the main instrument of the external dimension of the fight against irregular immigration in the EU and argues that these agreements have become instruments of prime importance, but not necessarily of the utmost importance. The analysis begins with a systematic approach that examines readmission agreements within the framework of other existing instruments used by EU institutions and in the context of readmission cooperation with third countries.

The analysis then examines the legal issues related to the conclusion of EC readmission agreements and the challenges highlighted by the definition of their content. This article also addresses the issue of the outcome of the implementation of these agreements. „return“ refers to the process of a third country national returning, either in voluntary accordance with the obligation, or by application, to his country of origin or transit, or to a third country of his choice that he accepts.

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