Supply Chain Agreement Sample

Subject Verb Agreement Fourth Grade
Template Agreement Letter Between Two Parties

1.4 By entering into a contract with Supply Chain Media, the other party waives the applicability of the terms and conditions it uses, regardless of their name, so that all our agreements are strictly subject to the terms and conditions used by Supply Chain Media. 3.5 If the advertising contract does not have a fixed term, the contract is deemed to have been concluded for a period of twelve consecutive months. Unless otherwise provided in the advertising contract, the advertising contract shall cover at least the agreed area and SCM may exceed the agreed area during the term of the contract and in accordance with the conditions, without prejudice to the right of the other party to terminate the contract in writing within the period of notice in force. 1.17 SCM collects data from natural persons for the purpose of performing (subscription) contracts and whenever these persons come into contact with SCM in the context of the provision of services. This data is used for the performance of a contract and to inform individuals about the relevant products and services of SCM and its operating companies that may be of interest to them. If the natural person concerned does not wish to obtain such information, he or she may send it in writing to: Supply Chain Media BV, Attn Address Registration, PO Box 207, 7005 AZ Doetinchem, The Netherlands, or by e-mail: 5.4 In the event of a change in the dates set, the participation contract is not affected. The obligation for the participant and/or sponsor to bear other costs related to his/her participation and/or sponsorship incurred by SCM or SCM at the participant`s request remains unassured. 1.15 Without SCM being obliged to pay damages, SCM may, with immediate effect, dissolve all or part of its agreement with the other party by registered letter and without the need for judicial intervention, if: 6.9 SCM is not liable for damages caused by third parties mandated by SCM during the performance of the contract with the client. Promotional contract: any agreement by which SCM undertakes to place one or more advertisements. 1.31 All agreements with SCM are governed by the law of the Netherlands.

The applicability of the Viennese sales right is excluded. 1.8 SCM may change the agreed fees and/or prices at any time. If the contracting party to SCM is a consumer (a natural person who is not acting in the exercise of a profession or activity), that consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract if the price increase is to take effect within three months of the conclusion of the contract. . . .

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