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You shouldn`t go into any time. The expiration date is integrated into the next language. The license can also be terminated with a notification. This agreement is used for various Teradata Express downloads. These agreements are useful to both stakeholders and partners. The download contains SLES xx. In accordance with the requirements of our agreement with SUSE, SUSE EULA for SLES xx is attached to our download contract. If your download requires another version of SLES, contact legal so that the agreement with the corresponding SUSE EULA can be updated. Licenses are valid and software can be used immediately after the software is downloaded. The license period begins with the day after the date of the download link to your software, incl.

Sending your license to you. When the user clicks the „I agree“ button and the download begins, the data is inserted into a database showing a download for a particular user and a license reference. This way, we can track which user is in agreement with which license version at any given time. This data is kept permanently. The license reference is also included in the user`s download license. Therefore, if a printed version of a licence is submitted to us with the claim „I have accepted it,“ we have an additional opportunity to verify that claim and the source of the printed licence. The goal is integrated into the agreement with the next language. Points (ii) and (iv) are useful for partners (unlike interested parties) By user license means that running the software on a database is limited to the number of user licenses acquired.

User licenses are not linked to certain users – the number of simultaneous users is limited by the number of licenses purchased. If you enter 1 year, it is displayed in the contract head as: NO MORE THAN 1 YEAR AFTER THE EFFECTIVE DATE Pro site license, means that an unlimited number of users can use the software on a particular website of your company for all instances teradata (normally dev,, test, prod and archive instances) The following click-through agreements are available for downloads hosted on the Teradata downloads site. If you have specific requirements that are not met by any of these agreements, contact Teradata Labs Legal. This agreement is the same as the generic download agreement, except that it is bound by the user`s Viewpoint license (instead of the Teradata Relational Database license). This agreement is appropriate for the Viewpoint Portlet Development Kit, which comes as an object. This agreement is not appropriate for point of view portraits delivered as source code, with the hope that the user can make changes, for example.B. The model for personal workspace points of view.

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