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Each student has the following rights as a roommate and everyone should work to honour those rights. These rights and obligations apply not only to roommates, but also to other students who live on the ground. This is your right: roommate conflicts are a normal and manageable experience for students. Before you arrive on campus, we advise you to set some rules of space and then discuss how you deal with potential problems that arise. If you are having trouble with your roommates, we recommend that you discuss the problem at an early, open and honest stage. If you find that you and your roommates are not reaching an agreement, contact your resident assistant (RA) or resident (RD) or area coordinator (AC). Our employees are trained to communicate conflicts and can help you solve the problem. Students have the opportunity to find and validate a roommate who is eligible for the same community as them when they complete the housing application. Newcomers should train their group of roommates by May 1, 2021 to maximize their chances of living with their preferred roommate. Newcomers can form a group of roommates with another person, for two people in total. Step 3: Sit down and talk to your roommates before you and your roommates bet on the deal. Go through each section and decide what you are comfortable with. Be as concrete as possible if you complete the agreement.

It will help to make it less difficult to resolve conflicts that may arise during the year. Check out your selection of roommates in „Roommate Selection“ in the „Apartment Gate“ menu. If you assign a roommate to the selection of rooms, they have nothing to do to confirm their housing allowance. HRC staff members assign students who apply after February 1 and who, if instead, attach them to their desired roommate. A successful roommate relationship depends on mutual respect, open and honest communication and the ability to discuss problems as they arise. Our cohabitant system will place you with roommates with similar lifestyle habits, so try to spend time together before requesting a room change. The Department of Residence Life will provide interested roommates with a roommate contract. The agreement will help you develop communication channels, identify potential conflicts and know each other`s perspectives so that you can respect each other`s lifestyles and make compromises. A debate to help roommates go through common sources of conflict and set expectations for the year. In addition to these resources, you also have Resident Assistants/Apartment Living Advisors, Assistant Residence Director (s) and Residence Directors, who can provide advice and help to help you navigate your roommate relationship effectively.

A shared life agreement identifies the issues that frequently arise among roommates and outlines specific notions of cohabitation. The agreement also helps you determine how you want to solve these problems. It`s a useful tool that will help you get to know your roommate better and set mutual expectations. The agreement promotes communication, persuasiveness and compromise, all of which are essential for successful relationships with roommates. It is important to be very detailed in considering the themes of the co-location agreement and to document the discussion with precision for all parties involved. You can only have guests in your room with the permission of your roommate night. „Night“ is defined between 3 and 7 hours. Guests who spend the night must be checked in. Guests cannot stay in a room for more than three nights over a 14-day period, for a maximum of 12 days per semester. Guests are not admitted for the first two weeks or two weeks of each semester. The nights directive also applies if you have a single room or if no roommate is currently assigned to you.

Always advise an RA when there are concerns for a hosting client.

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