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The G-NatlStmt states that while voluntary informed consent is a prerequisite for any study, the Commission may authorize a change in consent requirements. Limited disclosure of research objectives and/or methods to participants may be warranted. However, only a European Commission can review and approve research that involves active obfuscation or planned deception or aimed at detecting illegal activities. The NHMRC prepared a revised list of elements of the clinical trials and the IHPA published its determination on 30 September 2015. The main objective of developing the determination was to improve the transparency of clinical trial costs and to increase the efficiency of contract negotiations. The use of the provision is not mandatory. On the contrary, the provision should serve as a reference point for price negotiations, and sites and sponsors may adapt the layout to specific circumstances under study. The ANZCTR is an online public registry of clinical trials and has the potential to be an important part of Australia`s clinical trial infrastructure. In 2015, the Clinical Trials Jurisdictional Working Group (CTJWG) consulted with industry stakeholders through liaison meetings in Sydney and Melbourne to exchange and test identified priorities and CTJWG`s work programme. The aim was to draw on the experience and perspectives of contract research organisations (CROs) and frontline industry representatives and to better understand their current priorities for the clinical trials sector.

The data cover the majority of new clinical trials approved in public healthcare organisations in five jurisdictions in Australia. It includes the time required for each of the two authorisations required for each clinical trial in Australia – research ethics and governance. The results should be seen as preliminary and as part of ongoing improvement efforts to build capacity. While data collects the majority of new approved clinical trials, there are a number of missing data elements. State and territory governments are actively addressing these gaps, but it is not yet possible to assess their impact on results. The Clinical Trials Collaborative Forum focuses on the common desire of government, NGOs and industry to make Australia a prime target for clinical trials. In accordance with TGAct, TGR and G-CTHandbook and AUS-47, clinical trials of unauthorized therapeutic products can only begin under the Clinical Trial Notification Scheme (CTN) Scheme or the Clinical Trial Exemption (CTX). According to G-GovHndbk and AUS-43, both schemes require both an ethics permit and a research governance authorization before a research project can start at the same site. As part of the research governance process (including Site Assessment (SSA) for public bodies, a Clinical Research Agreement (CTRA) must be concluded by the research parties. States and territories where clinical trials take place exclusively in their jurisdictions may have specific CTRA forms. The G-NatlStmt states that research involving Aborigines and Torres Strait Islander Peoples must be subject to review and approval by the European Commission and includes the assessment and advice of people who have networks with and/or knowledge of The Aborigines and Torres Strait Islander Islands; and people familiar with the culture and practices of the relevant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community….

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