What Is A Placement Agreement Meeting

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The child`s social worker informs all family members involved and involved in the decision-making process of the placement. Investment strategy for educational needs. Specify all levels of S.E.N. and homework support, etc. Nurses are expected to ensure that children/YP attend a school/university/job. How can the tutor take the child to school and school? How will the tutor maintain contact and work with the child`s school? For any new mediation, every effort must be made to ensure that the child can remain in the same school, unless there are reasons that affect the child`s well-being. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that all parties are informed of routines and agreements and that they agree. The goal is to clarify placement objectives, exchange important information about the child, and address any concerns or concerns that the child, parents or caregivers may have. It also contains information about the child`s health, medications, and contact arrangements. If the proposed mediation is an internal mediation, it is subject to the approval of the social worker`s supervisor. If a child is already in the proposed care centre, contact should be made with the social worker for that child and, if the child is from another local authority, the consent of that child`s local authority should be obtained by the care service.

When it is agreed that the child will be placed in a long-term care centre, the child should be clearly informed by the caregiver, the child`s parents or any other person who is not a parent but who has parental responsibility and the child. (Reg 2 (1)). At the end of the meeting, the Chair should prepare and provide all participants with a report outlining the information provided to the meeting, the issues identified, and the summary and recommendations. See My Placement Can Be Breaking Down. For assisted children`s internships with related persons who are not admitted at the beginning of the placement, you will find placements with related persons – emergency and non-emergency placements: procedures and practical advice. Child care assessments are usually done in a nursing home and should be as relaxed as possible for the child. The review covers areas such as health, education, placement issues, contacts and future plans. In these circumstances, it is useful to formally meet, a so-called disruption and placement examination meeting to review and learn from the child`s experience, so that the child, parents and others who have been invited to contribute understand the purpose of the meeting and have the opportunity to express their opinions and suggestions. The meeting will ensure that the child has the opportunity (depending on age and understanding) to understand the reasons for the transition and to be helped in managing the transition.

Staff and facilitators from Greater London will participate in the child/YP`s plans in a spirit of partnership with the child/YP, his or her families and localities. Nurses are expected to be as good as possible to the plans of the intermediation parties. These communications must be made in writing, taking into account the accommodation decision as well as the name and address of the person to whom the child is to be accommodated. If the nature of the placement or the legal status of the child is changed during placement, the child`s social worker must update the child`s electronic statements. During office hours, the social worker and team leader should make a decision on housing needs. If an investment is required, the transfer and risk assessment must be made to the Family Placement team. The placement contract should be concluded through a mediation meeting that includes you, the child`s safety officer and your caregiver.

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