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The administration has also negotiated PL-480 deals with countries to prevent these leaders from accepting help from U.S. adversaries. Johnson used the PL-480 accords as leverage to gain support for U.S. foreign policy goals, and even limit critical hunger aid for India until he received assurances that the Indian government would implement land reforms and mitigate criticism of U.S. policy regarding Vietnam. While the PL-480 raw materials continued to serve humanitarian purposes, the program as an instrument of U.S. foreign policy had limitations, especially given Congressional spending cuts at the end of the decade. Title IV of the Food for Peace Act allows for the active participation of the private sector in storage, marketing, transport and distribution. It requires multi-year agreements and an annual report to Congress. These disagreements are largely the result of donor countries` policies abusing food aid for purposes for which it is manifestly ineffective: supporting domestic agricultural prices, promoting commercial agricultural exports, promoting geostrategic objectives and maintaining a viable maritime industry. .

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