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The following page provides useful information about who internally manages different types of DUAs and other agreements at Stanford: ico.sites.stanford.edu/who-will-handle-my-agreement Sometimes a transfer of data from one entity to another is handled as part of a broader agreement between the parties, such as a sub. B-agreement or a contractually agreed service contract. The transfer of data in the context of such a joint research project is often discussed in the study protocol or in the terms of the funding contract. In these cases, a separate DUA is usually not required. However, a DUA is required for a data transfer that takes place in the absence of a financing agreement (grant, contract, subcontract, contractual service contract, etc.) between the provider and the recipient. OSP is a signatory to research-based data use agreements on campus. DUAs must be forwarded to OSP through Kuali Research for final approval and approval. OSP may enter into contractual agreements, including DUAs, on behalf of UMBC to ensure compliance with appropriate policies and regulations. Researchers are not allowed to negotiate or sign these agreements and cannot sign a DUA on behalf of UMBC. DUAs do not have to be signed by faculty members or university staff unless the institution`s approval is preceded by OSP. A DATA Use Agreement (DUA) is a contractual document between a „data user“ (typically the UMBC investigator requesting access to information) and the „data set source“ (the organization or institution providing the data) that describes the conditions associated with the transmission of confidential, protected or limited use. Examples include records of government agencies or companies, information about student records, existing data on human research topics, and limited datasets.

require the recipient to use appropriate safeguards to prevent unauthorized use or disclosure not provided for in the agreement; UA must enter into a DATA Use Agreement (DUA) when sending or receiving a limited record, type of protected health information (IHP), for research, public health activities or health operations. If a Stanford researcher is the recipient of a limited dataset from a source other than Stanford, the Stanford researcher may be asked to sign the other party`s DUA. In such a case, the Stanford researcher should consult with the relevant contracts office to determine whether it is substantially compatible with the Stanford DUA. Rutgers IPs are often required to sign DUAs as they are read and understood. Rutgers strongly recommends that its IPs read the DUAs carefully before signing. Not all DUAs are the same and it is very important that Rutgers IPs and key personnel understand and comply with the terms set forth in the Agreement. .

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