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To change your Xfinity Internet plan, call Xfinity Customer Service with your account number and an idea of the plan or speed you want. Visit for more information about modifying or cancelling your Xfinity service. For the Internet and voice. Acceptable use policies („UPAs“) and other Internet and voice policies are published on (or on an alternative website if we notify you). THEY ARE THAT WE HAVE THE POLICY OF THE AUP OR OTHERS FROM TIME TO TIME WITH OR WITHOUT INDICATION, OF A NEW VERSION OF THE AUP OR OTHER POLICIES. YOU AND OTHER SERVICE USERS (S) SHOULD POST THE AUP AND ALL OTHER POLICE POSTS REGULARLY TO CONFORM TO THE MOST RECENT VERSION. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT OR BLOCK ANY SERVICE USE AS WE DEEM NECESSARY TO PREVENT HARM TO OUR NETWORK, FRAUD, OR OTHER ABUSE OF THE SERVICE (S). ii. Customer information: Ensure and ensure that you have provided us with accurate, complete and up-to-date information, including, but not limited to your legal name, address, phone number, number of devices on which or via the Services are used, and payment data (including, but not limited to, information provided when making recurrent payments). YOU AGREE TO INFORM US IMMEDIATELY IF THE INFORMATION YOU HAVE PROVIDED US CHANGES, INCLUDING AND WITHOUT LIMITATION OF CHANGE OF YOUR PHONE NUMBER OR MOBILE PHONE. FAILURE TO DO AS WELL IS A BREACH OF THIS AGREEMENT.

IF YOU HAVE OUTSTANDING AMOUNTS FOR THE SERVICE (S) OR IF YOU HAVE UNRETURNED EQUIPMENT, THIS OBLIGATION ENSURES THE SURVIVAL OF THE TERMINATION OF THIS AGREEMENT AND SHALL CONTINUES UNTIL YOU PAY ALL OUTSTANDING AMOUNTS IN FULL AND RETURN ALL EQUIPMENT. YOU AGREE TO USE THE TELEPHONE CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT (47 U.S.C SEC. 227) AND EACH REGULATIONS PROGATED THEREUNDER F. INTERRUPTION OF SERVICE. Services are not designed to be fault-free and are not designed or intended for use in situations that require performance-testing or where a failure or interruption of service could result in serious damage to the business, person, property or environment („high risk activities“).

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