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H. In the event that a portion of this settlement agreement is invalidated by order or order of a court, this transaction agreement must be interpreted as if that part had not been inserted into that part, unless such a construction constitutes a substantial departure. B. This transaction agreement is the comprehensive and integrated agreement between the contracting parties and is intended to succeed all previous or concurrent agreements or agreements. d. Any party to the IDC who, as part of the agreement, seeks compensation for the compromise or settlement of a claim, informs EarthShell in writing of any proposal for a transaction or firm compromise that it receives or intends to make with respect to that right before adopting or offering such a proposal. No part of the CDI will settle or compromise the rights for which it is entitled to be compensated by EarthShell without the prior written consent of EarthShell, whose consent may be withheld at EarthShell`s sole discretion, as long as EarthShell defends and fulfills the rights in accordance with the terms of the compensation obligation under this Section 4. I. This transaction agreement can be executed in one or more counterparties, each being considered original, but which all forms the same agreement. In accordance with a construction design, purchase and management service contract concluded on May 13, 1998 as amended by the agreement (the agreement), the parties entered into a contract with Sweetheart Cup Company Inc. (here is „Sweetheart“) a contract to provide certain services for certain renovations of a Sweetheart facility in Owings Mills Maryland and for the installation of process equipment at the Owings plant (jointly).

and EarthShell should make certain payments to IDC taking into account all of these services. Subsequently, IDC provided the specific services provided for by the agreement. Some disputes over IDC`s enforcement obligations and EarthShell`s payment obligations under the agreement have arisen. The parties have agreed to resolve these disputes and resolve them in accordance with this settlement agreement. i. Except for provisions expressly provided for in Sections 1, 2 and 4 or otherwise in this context, the agreements and agreements included in them are made specifically in favour of the parties to this settlement agreement and no rights will be created in favour of third parties. 3. No responsibility. Neither the implementation of this transaction agreement nor any provision or clause of this agreement constitutes an agreement of commitment or fault of a party.

The parties recognize that the transaction agreement and reciprocal release are conceived as a settlement of claims challenged and challenged by the party against which they were subject. one. This transaction agreement was duly executed and provided by IDC and is IDC`s legally binding agreement, which can be implemented against IDC on its terms. IDC is in a position to conclude this transaction agreement and complete the transactions in this contract. The parties entered into a contract to build the [insertion date] for the [insert description of work/projects, z.B. „Design and construction of a property known as Bloggs House] (the „contract“). c. The execution and delivery of this transaction contract does not lead to a breach of an agreement; The bond, the breach, the mortgage, the pawnbroker, the loan, borrowing, license or any other instrument or instrument to which IDC is now a supporter or may be bound or affected by any of IDC`s characteristics or assets, or constitutes a violation of the law, rules or regulations by IDC, by an administrative or governmental authority, or an order, order, order, order, order or order of a court, administrative authority or authority.

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